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    NHS Health Advice and Self-Care

    The pharmacist and our trained assistants are available for advice on all medicines and minor ailments, in private if required. We can also give you advice on how to live a healthy life, for example, advice on how to stop smoking or healthy diets. We can direct you to other sources of advice and assistance if we cannot help you ourselves.
    Did you know that we provide Pharmacy First. The new minor ailments scheme in Wolverhampton?

    NHS Medicines Use Reviews

    This is a medicine check-up service, which is useful if you regularly take several prescription medicines or are on medicines for a long-term illness. This confidential NHS service will help you to find out more about your medicines, identify any problems you may be having with them and help you to take your medicines to best effect.
    If you are on any long term medication you can come and find out more about your medication. Improve your usage, work towards improving your symptoms.

    NHS New Medicines Service

    When you are prescribed a medicine to treat a long- term condition for the first time, the pharmacist will support you to use the medicine safely and to best effect. The pharmacist will talk to you approximately two weeks after you first receive the medicine to see how you are getting on with it and to discuss any problems you may have. A second follow-up will be a month after you first receive the medicine. The service is only available to people using certain medicines; our pharmacist will give you details and offer this free NHS service, if this is available to you.

    NHS Unwanted Medicines Service

    Please return all unwanted medicines to the pharmacy where we will dispose of them safely. Don’t know what to do with your unwanted medications? Enquire at the counter

    Emergency Supplies

    If you need one of your regular medicines in an emergency when you are unable to contact your doctor, we may be able to help. We must stress that this can only be done in genuine emergencies and it may incur a charge. If you would like any more information about any of the services mentioned, please ask a member of staff or call us.

    Medicines Sales

    We keep a wide range of over the counter medicines and also vitamins and mineral supplements.

    Holiday Healthcare

    We can advise on medical requirements for travellers, including ant-malaria treatments.

    Specialist Equipment and Testing kits

    We can supply a range of equipment for health maintenance such as BP monitors, Blood glucose meters, Weighing scales, Pregnancy testing kits etc.

    Prescription Services